How to Apply

Please see the individual course you are interested in for specific application details and to download an application form.

Teaching generally begins at the end of September/early October, in 2017 term will start on 25th September.

Professional development and post-qualification courses may start at other times of the year. The Fast Track Foundation course usually runs from late January or early February over eight long weekends, to September.

All candidates are selected by interview, except for short courses. A fee of £60 is charged for Foundation interviews and £90 for First Year interviews.

We offer regular Open Evenings where you have the opportunity to visit the Centre and ask an experienced member of the staff team any further questions about the training.

On acceptance for all courses, a deposit is payable to secure your place. This is non-refundable, if the student pulls out before the course begins. Students who withdraw after the first half-term in the Foundation and First year of professional training (or after the second weekend for Fast track students) will be obliged to pay the fee for the whole year. Students who start any other course are liable for the year’s fees.

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