Free Open Events at The Minster Centre

Come to our open day and evening events for presentations on training with the Minster Centre, Q & A sessions with tutors and current students and an opportunity to look around the building.

Part-time Professional Training Courses

For more information on our part-time professional training courses starting September 2017, attend one of our Open Days/Evenings. Booking is essential, please ring 020 7644 6240 or email to reserve a place.

  • Each open event runs for two hours.
  • When booking with reception, please state which course you’re interested in completing.
  • If there are two open events running on one day, please clearly specify which one you’d like to attend.
  • Open Days/Evenings 2019

      • Saturday 9th March 2019 11am-1pm
      • Saturday 9th March 2019 2pm-4pm
      • Saturday 30th March 2019 11am-1pm
      • Saturday 30th March 2019 2pm-4pm
      • Saturday 27th April 2019 11am-1pm
      • Saturday 27th April 2019 2pm-4pm
      • Saturday 18th May 2019 11am-1pm
      • Saturday 18th May 2019 2pm-4pm
      • Saturday 8th June 2019 11am-1pm
      • Saturday 8th June 2019 2pm-4pm
      • Saturday 15th June 2019 11am-1pm
      • Saturday 15th June 2019 2pm-4pm
      MA Professional Practice (Supervision) & Supervision Diploma:
      • TBA
      MA Professional Practice (Advanced Clinical Practice):
      • TBA

      Booking is essential for all open events. To register an interest contact 020 7644 6240


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