Free Open Events at The Minster Centre

Come to our open day and evening events for presentations on training with the Minster Centre, Q & A sessions with tutors and current students and an opportunity to look around the building.

Part-time Professional Training Courses

For more information on our part-time professional training courses starting September 2017, attend one of our Open Days/Evenings. Booking is essential, please ring 020 7644 6240 or email to reserve a place.

  • Each open event runs for two hours.
  • When booking with reception, please state which course you’re interested in completing.
  • If there are two open events running on one day, please clearly specify which one you’d like to attend.
  • Open Days/Evenings 2019

    Special Open House Event - 2pm to 4pm Friday 24 May 2019

    We’d like to invite you to come and find out more about The Minster Centre and what we do here. You can find out about our training courses and our counselling and psychotherapy service, as well as have an opportunity to meet our tutors and students in our welcoming training environment.

    On the day you will be able to:

  • Attend a talk about our training courses.
  • Meet a selection of tutors and students.
  • Meet our finance team who can speak to you about costs/loans /bursary options.
  • Find out more about the Minster Centre Psychotherapy and Counselling Service.
  • Chat and mingle in our lovely space.
  • Book your place now!

    General Open Days:

    • Saturday 27th April 2019 11am-1pm
    • Saturday 27th April 2019 2pm-4pm
    • Saturday 18th May 2019 11am-1pm
    • Saturday 18th May 2019 2pm-4pm
    • Saturday 8th June 2019 11am-1pm
    • Saturday 8th June 2019 2pm-4pm
    • Saturday 15th June 2019 11am-1pm
    • Saturday 15th June 2019 2pm-4pm
    • Wednesday 10th July 2019 6pm-8pm
    • Wednesday 31st July 2019 6pm-8pm
    • Wednesday 7th August 2019 6pm-8pm
    • Wednesday 4th September 2019 6pm-8pm
    MA Professional Practice (Supervision) & Supervision Diploma:
    • Friday 20th September 2019 18.30-20.30
    • Wednesday 23rd October 2019 18.30-20.30
    • Thursday 14th November 2019 18:30-20:30
    • Friday 6th December 2019 18:30-20:30
    MA Professional Practice (Advanced Clinical Practice):
    • Saturday 22nd June 2019 11.00-13.00
    • Saturday 13th July 2019 11.00-13.00
    • Saturday 7th September 2019 11.00-13.00
    • Saturday 9th November 2019 11.00-13.00
    • Saturday 14th December 2019 11.00-13.00

    Booking is essential for all open events. To register an interest contact 020 7644 6240


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