Fees - Academic Year 2018-19 (for courses starting September 2018)

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Course fee Enrol fee Total
Introduction to Counselling Skills £295 0 £295
Foundation Course
Certificate in Integrative Counselling £2,220 £300 £2,520
First two years of Professional Training  
1st Year £5,045 £300 £5,345
2nd Year £5,230 £300 £5,530
To finish with Diploma in Integrative Counselling  
3rd Year finishing work for award of Diploma £2,625 £300 £2,925
3rd Year finishing work plus additional integration group £3,405 £300 £3,705
Students wishing to complete the Diploma in Integrative Counselling at the same time as studying for the MA/Adv Dip will pay a single additional  fee of... £590
To finish with Advanced Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling Course fee Enrol fee
3rd Year £5,650 £300
4th Year £3,515 £300

MA Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling
Students who register for an MA will also pay an MA Registration fee in both their 3rd & 4th years. The fee is set by Middlesex University and is handed over to Middlesex by the Minster Centre. These fees cannot be refunded. In 2017 the fee will be £725

Fees for individual components

Sometimes students need to undertake or repeat a single element of the course. Fees for the most common elements that may need repeating are:

First year skills £1,550
ETG £1,025
Supervision £1,830
Diploma in Counselling additional group £775
Single weekend day £100
Re-sit Live Assessment £200
Further 7hrs dissertation supervision for re-submission £455

Charges for marking resubmitted assessed work and for individual taught modules vary, speak to Rory Page, Registrar, for guidance. In addition, students re-taking part years, doing extra years, submitting or resubmitting in a further year will need to pay the Annual Enrolment Fee of £300. This covers the basic administration and facilities provided for every student.

Please note fees for subsequent years may increase whilst you are on the course.

What is included in your fees

Tuition fees include contact training hours, coursework assessment, clinical supervision of work with training clients, one DBS and client referrals. Tuition fees do not include personal therapy, placement supervision, any additional costs associated with a placement, the provision of consulting rooms for seeing training clients, or assessment of resubmitted coursework. You will also need to budget for the purchase of books, travel, computing equipment and other incidental costs. Once you have an Agreement to Practice you will need to arrange private supervision for any private clients. The Minster Centre Enrolment Fee contributes to common room facilities and refreshments, access to the library and on-line resources, basic administration and insurance for the Minster Centre Psychotherapy Service.


Course fees are subject to annual inflation. Once you have started a course we will endeavour to keep fee increases in subsequent years as low as possible. Increases may occur to reflect changes to the course, changes in the requirements of accrediting organisations, inflation, staff pay rises or other increases to the cost of providing the course.

Deposits and Payment Arrangements

If accepted on the Foundation Course or First Year, candidates pay a non-refundable deposit of £700. Students progressing between years after the first year pay a non-refundable deposit of £300 to secure their places in the following year. Foundation and First Year students become liable for the full year’s fees at the end of the first half term break, prior to that they are liable for the fees for the first half term only. All other students become liable for the full year’s fees at the beginning of the academic year. This means that if you leave during the course of a year you will be required to pay the full year’s fees.

We offer three ways of paying: outright at the start of the year, (attracting a £50 discount if paid by 28th Sept); termly in advance - i.e. to be paid by 28th Sept 2018, 11th January 2019 and 26th April 2019; or ten equal payments to be made monthly by standing order September 2018 to June 2019 by 28th of each month. Termly and annual fees may be paid by bank transfer, cheque or credit card without surcharge (except AMEX). For further information on paying fees please refer to the Finance pages on Moodle.

At the beginning of term, a payment agreement form will be given to each student for you to notify us of your chosen payment option. You must sign and return this form to reception. Please also keep a copy for your own records.

To set up your standing order or make a bank transfer please see our bank details below:


CAF Bank Ltd

Account name:

The Minster Centre

Account number:


Sort Code:


Branch Address:

25 Kings Hill Avenue
Kings Hill
West Malling
ME19 4JQ

If paying by cheque, please make it payable to “The Minster Centre”.

You will be expected to keep to your payment agreement. Late or missing payments may affect you continuing to train. Please notify Penelope Edgar (penelope@minstercentre.org.uk) as soon as you experience any difficulty or delay in paying your fees so we can discuss payment options.

If you fall into arrears the following will apply until they are cleared:

  • We will not mark work submitted for assessment
  • Your grades will not be presented to the Assessment Board
  • You will not be able to participate in the Live Assessment
  • You will not be able to progress onto the next academic year
  • Certificates or Diplomas will not be awarded
  • References will not be given for employment, placements or client referrals
  • You will not be granted a Practice Agreement, or it may be withdrawn until you clear them